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Monday, August 1, 2016

Yankees from first round 2013 draft: Clint Frazier, Billy McKinney, Eric Jagielo, Aaron Judge, Ian Clarkin.

The Yankees have been involved with all the players mentioned in the title.

1AstrosMark Appel (minors)RHP
2CubsKris Bryant (minors)3B
3RockiesJon Gray (minors)RHP
4TwinsKohl Stewart (minors)RHP
5IndiansClint Frazier (minors)3B

24AthleticsBilly McKinney (minors)CF

26YankeesEric Jagielo (minors)3B

32Yankees via Indians*Aaron Judge (minors)CF
33Yankees via Nationals*Ian Clarkin (minors)LHP
The Yankees acquired Clint Frazier and three other minor league players for Andrew Miller yesterday. The Yankees acquired Billy McKinney and two other minor league players and Adam Warren for Aroldis Chapman July 25.

Aaron Judge has been touted for years by the media and the Yankees but has yet to play in the major league.

But it's interesting that the Yankees drafted Eric Jagielo before Judge and that ironically Jagielo was one of the insignificant players the Yankees traded to Cincinnati to get Chapman. Jagielo was mediocre with the Yankees minor league teams and regressed in 2016 in the Reds minors.

Ian Clarkin has thrown 98 innings in 2016 for the Yankees in A+; 72 SO, ERA 3.31.

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