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Monday, March 27, 2017

Swap Seattle for Colorado? A prelude to full geographic realignment.

I heard a San Diego announcer suggest this during an exhibition game today against Seattle on MLB Network. It made a lot of sense.

Both Seattle and Colorado are in the West division in their respective conferences. Swapping them would be a step in the right direction of geographic realignment. But even as an interim step, it is compelling.

There is precedent. Houston and Milwaukee swapped conferences but in different years. First Milwaukee switched from the American to the National conference Central, joining Houston. Then years later Houston switched to the American conference West, joining the Texas Rangers who play in Dallas.

Swapping Seattle for Colorado would produce these West divisions:
American: Colorado, Houston, Texas, Angels, Oakland
National: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona.

Obviously it makes much more sense to put all six California teams into one division along with Seattle and Arizona. The entire 30 team league could be realigned with two seven team divisions, and two eight team divisions. You can make up the others for yourself but the easiest to imagine is the aforementioned eight team California plus two division.

But for now, we can only hope that commissioner Manfred the A-Rod Slayer can muster enough imagination to swap Seattle for Colorado.

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