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Friday, October 13, 2017

As Didi goes, so go the Yankees. That's a long way from Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle was king of the American League for a decade as was his Yankee team. The operative phrase was:

As Mantle goes, so go the Yankees.

Timo Perez was a 25 year old rookie spark plug on the 2000 pennant winning Mets, who lost the finals to the Yankees. Timo played only 24 (94 PA) regular season games in 2000 but Met fans seemed to think that he contributed more than he did. So, to mock the Mets, I'd say:

As Timo goes, so go the Mets.

Now the tables are turned and so far in this 2017 tournament the New York Yankees are basically:

As Didi goes, so go the Yankees.

Is Didi so far from Timo?

Didi Gregorius hit a home run in the wild card game win over Minnesota and then two more in the final game of the five game series against Cleveland, leading his Yankees to victory and into the league championship series against Houston starting tonight.

Gary Sanchez523340023010.174.174.435.6090001224717913133902.278.876
Greg Bird51834002337.222.364.556.9190004814720289280.190.710
Didi Gregorius51734002363.235.435.5881.0230001365347315325873.287.796
Aaron Hicks51936101416.316.350.526.876000883015480155210.266.847
Aaron Judge520111002416.

Gregorius didn't do much else but that's how legends are built. Look at the SO totals for the two big boppers:
Judge 16
Sanchez 10

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 game five
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Attendance: 37,802
Venue: Progressive Field
Game Duration: 3:38
Night Game, on grass
Yankees 5, Cleveland 2

Corey Kluber, L (0-1)3.233326212.79176740151510441047-0.1220.69-1.0

First inning:
2. Judge SO swinging
3. Gregorius HR
4. Sanchez SO swinging

Third inning:
2. Judge SO swinging
3. Gregorius HR, Gardner scores
4. Sanchez SO swinging

Didi Gregorius 3, Cleveland Indians 0

After retiring two Yankees in the 4th and then issuing a walk, probable 2017 Cy Young award winner Corey Kluber was relieved by lefty Andrew Miller.

Aaron Judge: 16 SO (80%) in 20 AB in round one; BB/SO .250. Season BB/SO: .611 Friday, October 13, 2017 10:01 AM

Obviously, this post is tongue in cheek and the real point is that the big boys need to step up. Especially, Aaron Judge needs to hit the damn ball!

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