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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bob Gibson: 3 World Series, 9 starts, 81 innings, 7-2.

Fifty years ago Hall of Fame Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson pitched in his third and final World Series. It was the last season in which the World Series (WS) was the only official post season competition. After that the old American and National Leagues split into east and west divisions. Then in 1994 into east, west, central. In 1999 the leagues merged, although commissioner Allan Huber "Bud" Selig hardly noticed.

Bob Gibson is the only pitcher to start and win WS games 1,4,7: 1967 against the Boston Red Sox. In 1957 Milwaukee Braves pitcher Lew Burdette started and won games 2,5,7 against the New York Yankees, all complete games, the last two shutouts.

Gibson started three games in each of three WS: 1964, 1967, 1968. His Cardinals won the first two. Gibson completed 8 of his 9 starts, including one that went 10 innings against the Yankees; Gibson also lost in 8 innings against the Yankees. That's how his 9 starts result in 81 innings.

Here are the pitchers with the most WS wins:

1.Whitey Ford10146.0 IP
2.Red Ruffing785.2 IP
Bob Gibson781.0 IP
Allie Reynolds777.1 IP
5.Chief Bender685.0 IP
Waite Hoyt683.2 IP
Lefty Gomez650.1 IP

Ford 10-8 (lost his last four WS starts); ERA 2.71 in 11 WS
Ruffing 7-2; ERA 2.63 in 7 WS
Gibson 7-2; ERA 1.89 in 3 WS; lost first and last WS games
Reynolds 7-2; ERA 2.79 in 6 WS; Yankees won all 6
Bender 6-4; ERA 2.44 in 5 WS
Hoyt 6-4; ERA 1.83 in 7 WS
Gomez 6-0; ERA 2.86 in 5 WS; Yankees won all 5

1964 MVP28STLNLWSWNYY21.6673.0033020027.023119482312011131.1487.71.32.710.33.880.27
1967 MVP31STLNLWSWBOS301.0001.0033031027.0143315026001980.7044.
3 Yrs (3 Series)72.7781.8999082081.05519176173922023120.8896.10.71.910.25.411.64
3 WS72.7781.8999082081.05519176173922023120.8896.10.71.910.25.411.64

1967 Postseason
1968 Postseason
11964WS g2Oct 8STLNYYL,3-8GS-8L(0-1)998.084439014.50368830756000313010101.19-0.128-0.091t start tie8t 3 out d3
21964WS g5Oct 12STL@NYYW,5-2CG(10)W(1-1)310.0620213112.00398905687000360011011.350.1172.611b start tie10b 3 out a3
31964WS g7Oct 15STLNYYW,7-5CGW(2-1)29.095539303.00389101475500035000101.800.279-0.601t start tie9t 3 out a2
41967WS g1Oct 4STL@BOSW,2-1CGW(1-0)999.0611110101.003361102580010311000001.490.6253.021b start tie9b 3 out a1
51967WS g4Oct 8STLBOSW,6-0SHOW(2-0)39.050016000.503311100158200032100000.240.1483.801t start tie9t 3 out a6
61967WS g7Oct 12STL@BOSW,7-2CGW(3-0)39.0322310001.0032970338000028110100.540.2172.021b start tie9b 3 out a5
71968WS g1Oct 2STLDETW,4-0SHOW(1-0)999.0500117000.0032383139301031100000.660.3193.391t start tie9t 3 out a4
81968WS g4Oct 6STL@DETW,10-1CGW(2-0)39.0511210100.50336113248100031100100.500.1602.521b start a 29b 3 out a9
91968WS g7Oct 10STLDETL,1-4CGL(2-1)39.084418001.67366153366200035111000.73-0.102-0.611t start tie9t 3 out d4

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