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Hitting in extra innings since 1948: part 2.

Friday, September 27, 2013  Hitting in extra innings since 1948: who has the mantle of success?

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Best home run rate for top eleven of the 34 batters with the highest OPS: (requiring PA≥100 and onbase_plus_slugging≥1.000), sorted by greatest On-Base Plus Slugging

Mickey Mantle8.64
Carlos Pena9.00
Adam Dunn11.33
Jack Clark9.94
Albert Pujols7.93
Ted Williams13.50
Stan Musial16.14
Dante Bichette14.86
Jason Giambi10.00
Mark McGwire9.17

This includes all of the 34 with HR rates below 10.  Mantle, the king of extra innings, had a career HR rate of 15.15.

Percent of career for the top 12 of 29 in plate appearances (PA) in extra innings.  (requiring PA≥250), sorted by greatest Plate Appearances

NamePA careerPA% Ext
Pete Rose15,8902.31%
Willie Mays12,4962.74%
Carl Yastrzemski13,9922.34%
Brooks Robinson11,7822.77%
Frank Robinson11,7422.68%
Hank Aaron13,9412.25%
Andre Dawson10,7692.82%
Ozzie Smith10,7782.80%
Lou Brock11,2402.62%
Barry Bonds12,6062.27%
Joe Morgan11,3292.52%
Mickey Mantle9,9071.63%

Contrast their percentages with that of Mantle who led in OPS.  Mantle probably benefited from having significantly fewer opportunities.

Below are the top 25 batters with the biggest positive difference in OPS:
For entire career, Ext inning (within By Inning), (requiring PA≥100 and onbase_plus_slugging≥0), sorted by greatest difference between On-Base Plus Slugging for this split and the overall total

Jerry Lumpe52.86%1150.36
Carlos Pena43.17%1000.351
Mickey Mantle34.60%1610.338
Horace Clarke50.80%1280.316
Adam Dunn35.00%1300.301
Jack Clark35.13%2320.3
Mike Lum42.24%1200.291
Don Slaught37.92%1100.284
Ray Boone35.82%1120.283
Dante Bichette33.65%1180.281
Jesse Barfield33.04%1160.265
Gary Matthews32.04%1500.257
Billy Gardner40.81%1030.253
Joe Ferguson31.68%1210.243
Tommy Davis32.61%1990.239
Ron Oester34.17%1220.232
Roy Sievers27.50%1260.228
Chuck Hinton30.38%1450.226
Alex Gonzalez31.56%1070.219
George Bell27.13%1340.213
John Kruk25.18%1080.212
Todd Zeile27.57%1680.212
Will Clark23.86%1860.21
Yogi Berra25.30%1480.21
Bob Bailey27.87%1640.209

Jack Clark has significantly more PA than most in this group: 232; Will Clark is second with 186.  Fewer PA, better to have high OPS.  Jerry Lumpe (52.86%) has both the biggest point difference and also the biggest percent difference between OPS in extra innings and for career using career as the base.  Horace Clarke (50.80%) is the only other with 50% for better over career OPS.  Mantle was 34.60% above, which is remarkable considering his very high career OPS: .977, 11th best all time.

19 batters hit at least ten home runs in extra innings.  Here they are with their extra inning home rate, i.e, home runs per at bat:

Willie Mays14.9519
Jack Clark9.9418
Frank Robinson15.6316
Mickey Mantle8.6414
Albert Pujols7.9314
Hank Aaron17.7914
Rafael Palmeiro14.8312
Mark McGwire9.1712
Willie Stargell15.6712
Lance Parrish15.2711
Chipper Jones16.0011
Harmon Killebrew13.9111
Graig Nettles18.7311
Will Clark15.0010
Tony Perez23.0010
Don Baylor20.1010
Howard Johnson11.0010
Dick Allen13.6010
Bobby Bonilla14.9010

Albert Pujols has the best rate (7.93), Mantle second (8.64).

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