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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLB needs a behavior rule like the NBA.

For the 2010-2011 NBA season players were forbidden many acts of bad behavior that had become common in recent seasons, such as arguing.  Compare that to MLB where players, coaches and managers may and do argue about everything for as long as they want. Sure, they get ejected occasionally but it's not automatic as it has been this season in the NBA.  NBA players modified their conduct.  Before the season the conventional wisdom among NBA pundits was that the new rule would not last long and that the players would be unable to control their emotions because of the fast pace of the action.

MLB has no issue of fast paced action but lacks the imagination and will to even consider this.  MLB media and fans are no better.  They are all stuck in Leo Durocher mode from about 1950.

As an example of how stupid MLB can be: when limited instant replay was finally introduced for home run calls I saw a call go against the Philadelphia Phillies after all four umpires reviewed the play.  Phillies manager Charlie Manuel still came out and argued.  What could Manuel have possibly expected the umpires to do?  Why in the world would the umpires allow Manuel to argue after their review?  MLB had the worst of both worlds: delay for review AND delay for argument.  That's entertainment?

MLB does not have the common sense to come in from the rain, which is, unfortunately, all too true when it actually does rain.

Outlaw arguing and general bad behavior as the NBA has done and enforced.  Come on, MLB, show some common sense.

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