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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1937: AL righty home run leaders at Yankee Stadium.

Continuing on the previous post about DiMaggio's 46 homers in 1937, check this data in the associated tab.

In 1937 the top ten non-Yankee AL right handed home run hitters at Yankee Stadium: 8 homers (1 IPHR: Joe Cronin) in 402 AB, one every 50.25 AB (AB/HR).  Three played in Detroit, 2 each in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Boston; one in Chicago.  Against Yankee pitcher in 1937 in their own ball parks: 23 homers in  413 AB, once every 17.96 AB (AB/HR).

For emphasis, in 1937 the top ten non-Yankee AL right handed home run hitters, AB/HR: 50 at Yankee Stadium, 18 in their own ball parks.  That's a difference of 32.3.  Except for Harlond Clift (AB/HR 13 YS, 16.7 own park), the other nine had much better AB/HR in their own parks against Yankee pitching in 1937 than in Yankee Stadium.

In 1937 Yankee pitchers allowed 92 HR, the second lowest in AL:

HR     AB    AB/HR
home 41 2,772 67.61
road 51 2,654 52.04

Yankee pitchers on the road AB/HR 52.04, not much different than the 50.25 AB/HR of those top ten AL righty home run hitters at Yankee Stadium in 1937.  Among them, only Harlond Clift of the St. Louis Browns had a better AB/HR than DiMaggio at Yankee Stadium in 1937: 13.

DiMaggio's AB/HR in 1937 at Yankee Stadium was 16.11; his teammate Tony Lazzeri's, whose 14 HR were tied for tenth among those top ten righties, was 27.

Of those top ten non-Yankee righty batters FIVE hit ZERO HR at Yankee Stadium in 1937: Jimmie Foxx, Bob Johnson, Moose Solters, Gee Walker, Beau Bell.  Two of them, Gee Walker and Beau Bell, each of whom hit 18 for the season, hit ZERO against Yankee pitching in 1937.

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