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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I never met Met fan who knew what he was talking about.

Met batters 2011 HR/AB:

Home: 45/2548 = .01766

Road: 58/2812 = .0206

With all the whining it's surprising that the home run rate for Met batters is not that different on the road than it is at home in Citi Field.  Let's see how Met pitchers are doing in 2011:

Home: 54/2631 = .0205

Road: 87/2704 = .0321

It looks like the Met pitchers benefited more than the Met batters suffered.  So shouldn't Met fans want to keep the dimensions of Citi Field as they are?  And isn't that the Met heritage, old Shea Stadium providing an advantage to Met pitchers like Tom Seaver?

As I've long said: I never met  Met fan who knew what he was talking about ... or a Boston fan of any sport.

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