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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rivera and Jeter on Cano.

By now you've probably read that Mariano Rivera wrote that Robinson Cano lacks the red hot passion to excel.


Robinson Cano Sept. 2012
By Keith Allison
via Wikimedia Commons
No kidding.  That dog act last season by Cano when he would exaggerate his not running out ground balls showed me an attitude, which, not only did not warrant a $264 million contract, but that demanded that Cano be purged so that he did not corrupt the Yankees going forward.

When Cano returned to Yankee Stadium with Seattle he was booed by fans but defended by Yankee captain Derek Jeter who suggested that it was OK for Cano to protect himself from injury by running slowly to first when he'd likely be out.  As far as I know no one had the sense to ask Jeter why he had not done the same, especially starting years ago when he was Cano's age.

What do these conflicting positions say about Rivera and Jeter?

In the second game between Seattle and the Yankees at the Stadium, Cano hit a routine grounder to second and did not run.  The second baseman bobbled the ball.  Cano then ran a few steps but slowed down when he saw the fielder recover and throw to first.  Had Cano run all the way, he would likely have been safe on the error.  Cano couldn't even hustle for two games on his return to New York.

Jeter's friendship and loyalty are good.  So are Rivera's honesty and leadership.  Jeter or Rivera?

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