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Monday, March 16, 2015

March Madness: spring training games! Start the damn regular season already!

Am I the only one who cannot stand another meaningless exhibition game from Florida or Arizona?  Maybe it's worse with MLB Network showing one after another.  I'm not actually watching.  When I dial around I can't help but spot some form of baseball activity on screen.  Batters continue to step out of the box, while both the plate umpire and pitcher just stand there like doofuses.  Throw the damn ball and call it a strike!  And if we must watch this, make the games count.

Start the regular season at the spring training sites.  Saturday, March 14, 2015

Start the regular season in the warm weather locations ...

increasingly the big revenue source is television ...

The spring parks could easily have their capacity expanded and many more fans would consider escaping the cold winter to attend REAL games where the temperature is much more comfortable.

We all know that spring training is way too long.  Continue to start it at the beginning of February but limit, or better yet, eliminate exhibition games between teams.  The regular season could start by March 15 at the latest with room to start earlier if needed.  Then move north as weather permits, not necessarily on a fixed date.

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