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Thursday, November 5, 2015

World Series: winning both games 6 & 7.

Matt Harvey debate: never replace a somebody with a nobody. Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finally, even if the Mets had won game five, they still needed to board a plane, fly to Kansas City and win games six and seven on the road.  Here are teams that won games six and seven on the road in the World Series:

1926 St. Louis Cardinals at New York Yankees

1931 St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Athletics

1952 New York Yankees at Brooklyn Dodgers

1958 New York Yankees at Milwaukee Braves

1968 Detroit Tigers at St. Louis Cardinals

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates at Baltimore Orioles

1979 is 36 years ago.


After writing this I wondered about home teams winning both games 6 and 7.  Obviously it has been very difficult for a visiting team to win both games six and seven on the road.  It's happened only six times.  Here are the twelve times the home team won both games six and seven:

1924 New York Giants at Washington Senators
1925 Washington Senators at Pittsburgh Pirates
1940 Detroit Tigers at Cincinnati Reds
1946 Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals

1982 Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals
1985 St. Louis Cardinals at Kansas City Royals
1986 Boston Red Sox at New York Mets
1987 St. Louis Cardinals at Minnesota Twins
1991 Atlanta Braves at Minnesota Twins
2001 New York Yankees at Arizona Diamondbacks
2002 San Francisco Giants at Anaheim Angels
2011 Texas Rangers at St. Louis Cardinals

Both the Yankees and Cardinals made the comeback twice each on the road.  The Cardinals also came back at home three times.  The Cardinals were also victimized once at home (1968) and twice on the road (1985, 1987).  Of the 18 times it's happened, the Cardinals have been involved the most: 8 times (5-3).

The Twins are the old Washington Senators and the only other team to come back at home more than once: three times.   They also had a home team come back against them in 1925, so 3-1.

Giants 0-2: 1924, 2002.
Red Sox 0-2: 1946, 1986.
1931 World Series- Philadelphia Athletics vs. St. Louis Cardinals by abbasj812 via Wikimedia Commons
Note: this post deals only with best of seven World Series.  Some World Series were best of nine.  For instance in 1921 the Giants won games 6,7,8 to defeat the Yankees 5-3.

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