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Monday, February 8, 2016

Manager Alex Rodriguez: first here, now fangraphs, too.

Alex Rodriguez: future Yankee manager. Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alex Rodriguez could one day become the manager of the New York Yankees...

Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish...

Rodriguez seems to enjoy teaching younger players... His teammates in 2015 all seemed to hold him in high regard.

Rodriguez knows baseball.  He has been studying it since he was a child.  Rodriguez also seems quite intelligent...

If it happens, operative reactions might be:
- irony abounds
- contrition before absolution.
New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel Baseball Digest, page 59, January 1949 Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Sunday Notes: Seratelli’s Sayonara, Kaminsky’s Curve, Cards, ARod Managing, more
by David Laurila - February 7, 2016

Andrew Miller: “I’ve been blown away by Alex Rodriguez. Does he have any desire to manage in the major leagues? He’s made something like $400 million in his career, so maybe not. But the way he sees the game has blown me away. You hear our hitters talk about his insights, whether it’s pitch sequencing or lineup matters. Whatever it may be, Alex has a really advanced grasp.”

Could it happen? Assuming A-Rod actually wants to manage, are there teams out there who would hire him? As implausible as it may seem, I think the answer is yes. The Marlins just hired Barry Bonds to be their hitting coach.

Hiring A-Rod to run a team would create a media circus, but it’s not as though he couldn’t handle it. Between playing in New York and the whole Biogenesis imbroglio, he’s been smack dab in the middle of one already. Whether he’d want to remain under a big-tent spotlight is another question. My guess is that he wouldn’t, but if the right opportunity were to present itself, he just might do it.


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