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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why don't non-catchers wear catcher's gear?

Austin Romine was interviewed recently and asked asked about playing more at first base in addition to being the backup Yankee catcher to Gary Sanchez. Romine said that he didn't mind wearing less gear and playing multiple positions. This reminded me of something I had posted years ago. Why don't non-catchers wear catcher's gear?

At the very least Romine could wear his chest protector while playing first base. Why wouldn't all infielders wear a chest protector? Even more obvious, why not wear a mask?

Would wearing a mask make infielders more inclined to watch the ball and not shy away from erratically moving ground balls?

Is it all about doing things the same way they've been done for more than 100 years? Would wearing such gear make a fielder more or less effective? More effective seems more likely. So how come no one has tried it? There have been millions of fielding innings in which individuals could have worn protective gear but none have. Odd. Very odd.

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