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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why is Clint Frazier rated 34th best prospect by fangraphs.com? How valuable are "prospects"?

2017 Top 100 Prospects by Eric Longenhagen - March 13, 2017

Drafted: 1st Round, 2013 from Loganville HS (GA)
Tool Grades (Present/Future)
HitRaw PowerGame PowerRunFieldingThrow
Scouting Summary
Elite bat speed has long been the calling card for Frazier, who has hit and hit for power all the way up the minor-league ladder and whose batted-ball profile should play favorably in Yankee Stadium.
201419-2.5Lake CountyMIDWACLE12054247470126186135012656161.266.349.411.76119567141
201621-3.93 Teams2 LgsAA-AAACLE-NYY11952046375122275165513448122.263.335.447.78220783330
Minors (4 seasons)Minors416184616102654429219502054319189469.275.355.448.80472219229163
All Levels (4 Seasons)438194416992804679321532134722196496.275.355.448.80376120249163
AAA (1 season)Minors301291221928243700736.230.271.385.6574710000
OPS .657 at AAA is hitting all the way up the ladder?
50 homers in 1,610 AB is hitting for power? 3 homers in 122 AAA AB is hitting for power all the way up the ladder?

Excluding rookie and fall league ball, it boils down to:
2014 A: 542 PA, .761 OPS
2015 A+: 588 PA, .842 OPS
2016 AA: 391 PA, .825 OPS

Nice progression, right? It should be. The guy was drafted number five overall in 2013. NUMBER FIVE. It took him three years to reach AAA. THREE YEARS.

What the heck kind of prodigy is that? And Yankee general manager Brian Cashman stated before spring training that he expected Frazier to spend 2017 in AAA. That would mean that Frazier will make the Yankees no earlier than 2018 after being a pro four and a half years. FOUR AND A HALF YEARS.

That doesn't sound like anyone special. And Frazier is rated 34th best prospect by fangraphs.com?

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