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Friday, July 14, 2017

Yankees - Red Sox playing four at Fenway: what happens if there is a sweep?

Red Sox 50-39
Yankees 45-41

If Yankees sweep:
Yankees 49-41
Red Sox 50-43

If Red Sox sweep:
Red Sox 54-39
Yankees 45-45

One year ago at this point in the season these teams played three games in New York. Boston won the first two becoming 51-38 and dropping the Yankees to 44-46 after 90 games, only one game worse than the Yankees would be if the Red Sox sweep all four games this weekend. In 2016 the Yankees won game three of that series, avoiding a sweep.

In 2016 the Yankees won team games 98, 99, 100 improving their record to 52-48. Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman traded relief ace Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs. The Yankees lost four consecutive, games 2-4 of which were a three game sweep in Tampa. 52-52. That released Cashman who got permission from owner Hal Steinbrenner to tank the season without admitting that they were doing so. Cashman traded relief ace Andrew Miller and then DH and best hitter Carlos Beltran.

The Yankees are not in such a different position in 2017 ... if they get swept in Boston this weekend. If the Yankees drop to 45-45, will Cashman again dump productive major league players in order to add minor league prospects? If so, how will the main stream media and Yankee fans react? Probably not as passively and positively as they did one year ago.

Trades during the regular season should not be allowed in the team sports: baseball, football, basketball.

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