Monday, June 25, 2018

200 Strike Outs by batters in 2018: new records?

Not even half way through the 2018 season and four batters already have over 100 Strike Outs (SO), which means that each could reach 200 SO.

1.Gallo • TEX111
2.Moncada • CHW106
3.Stanton • NYY103
4.Judge • NYY102
5.Goldschmidt • ARI92
6.Davis • BAL90
Upton • LAA90
8.Davidson • CHW87
Story • COL87
10.Olson • OAK86
Brinson • MIA86

200 SO have been reached ten times, all since 2008 when Mark Reynolds led the way by doing it with Arizona in 2008, 2009, 2010. In 2011 with Baltimore Reynolds led the AL with 196 SO.

2016 was the only season in which two batters had 200 SO, one in each league: Chris Davis and Chris Carter.

But in 2018 there could be at least four batters with 200 SO, double the previous high. All are in the AL but Paul Goldschmidt of Arizona has 92 and could reach 200 SO.

Most amazingly, one team could have two 200 SO batters: the New York Yankees with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Aaron Judge: 200 SO, joins five others. No Joe DiMaggio he. Sunday, September 24, 2017

Yesterday 25 year old Yankee rookie Aaron Judge had one hit, a single, in four at bats with two strike outs (SO) bringing his season SO total to 201. Judge joins these five players who did it nine times:

1Chris Carter201620676114.321.49929MILNL160644549841222714194190101831.222.821*3/HD
2Chris Davis201621988110.332.45930BALAL1576655669912521038843803610.221.792*3/9D
3Chris Davis201520884147.361.56229BALAL160670573100150310471176805623.262.923*39D
4Chris Carter201321270112.320.45126HOUAL1485855066411324229821405820.223.77037D/H9
5Adam Dunn2012222105114.333.46832CHWAL1516495398711019041963104821.204.800*D3/7H
6Drew Stubbs20112056386.321.36426CINNL158681604921472231544176124010.243.686*8/H
7Mark Reynolds20102118397.320.43326ARINL145596499799917232857905874.198.753*5/3H
8Mark Reynolds200922376127.349.54325ARINL155662578981503014410235038249.260.892*53/H
9Mark Reynolds20082046496.320.45824ARINL152613539871292832897031610112.239.779*5/H3

They all led their league in SO as Judge currently leads. Judge also leads with 46 HR, 118 BB, 120 Runs...

Judge has these ratios:
SO/BB: 1.7
SO/HR: 4.4

Judge also tied Joe DiMaggio for third most HR by a Yankee righty batter. Alex Rodriguez hit 48 and 54. DiMaggio hit more than 39 HR only once, the 46 in 1937. That season in 621 AB DiMaggio had 37 SO and 64 BB for these ratios:

SO/BB: 0.58
SO/HR: 0.80

In 1941 DiMaggio had his famous 56 game hitting streak. And in 541 AB he also had his best full season numbers: 13 SO, 76 BB. DiMaggio hit 30 HR in 1941.


Mantle's SO rate in 1959 was about the same as the league rate in 2017. The percent above the league uses the league rate as the base. Surprisingly, that percent above league is about the same for Mantle and Judge: 61% and 60%. However, Ruth is a whopping 107% above.

So, the Babe is the SO king among these three Yankee HR hitters. Who knew?


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paul46 said...

Friday night Yankees, Rays game Aaron Judge showed rare displeasure of emotion at a 3rd strike called. It was an outside pitch and well off the plate. Aaron Judge like last season leads the league in bad calls by home-plate umpires, 64 before Friday's game. Goldschmidt is second on the list at 54, with no other players above the 20's.

In defense of Mr.Judge and his excellent eye at the plate 200 plus strikeouts showed come with ******