Thursday, July 12, 2018

100 Strike Outs in 2018 by batters after about 92 team games (57% of schedule).

White Sox DH Matt Davidson has 106 SO in 250 AB (42%).

1Joey Gallo12992201824TEXAL8935330646571312150443300132.186.295.441.736*73/HD8
2Yoan Moncada12997201823CHWAL8337133743781851140310111192.231.297.412.710*4/H
3Aaron Judge125156201826NYYAL8840633565941802560663203862.281.399.558.957*9D/H8
4Giancarlo Stanton125131201828NYYAL8940035556981812254353604920.276.348.518.866D79/H
5Chris Davis11043201832BALAL75308278174470928252302400.*3/HD
6Matt Davidson106116201827CHWAL7129525032551401438390402700.220.332.444.776*D35/H1
7Paul Goldschmidt106142201830ARINL9040134161961942152555500122.282.389.545.934*3/HD
8Justin Upton104112201830LAAAL8938733447821001748441405940.246.336.428.764*7/D
9Chris Taylor102114201827LADNL8937533352852081039330702245.255.333.453.787*68/H4

200 Strike Outs by batters in 2018: new records? Monday, June 25, 2018

Not even half way through the 2018 season and four batters already have over 100 Strike Outs (SO), which means that each could reach 200 SO...

200 SO have been reached ten times, all since 2008 when Mark Reynolds led the way by doing it with Arizona in 2008, 2009, 2010. In 2011 with Baltimore Reynolds led the AL with 196 SO.

2016 was the only season in which two batters had 200 SO, one in each league: Chris Davis and Chris Carter.

But in 2018 there could be at least four batters with 200 SO, double the previous high. All are in the AL but Paul Goldschmidt of Arizona has 92 and could reach 200 SO.

Most amazingly, one team could have two 200 SO batters: the New York Yankees with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

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