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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pete Rose: Out King and out forever.

Pete Rose made the most outs.  Pete Rose also made the most hits.  We often hear about the hit record but almost never about the out record, which Rose set first, in 1982.  Rose past Ty Cobb for most hits in 1985.  Do you know who Rose past for most outs?  Hint: he had the most big hits at the time.  Hank Aaron.

Commissioner Rob Manfred denied the appeal by Rose to be removed from the permanent ineligible list.  "Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer" is what I call the commissioner because Manfred was the chief prosecutor for his predecessor Allan Huber "Bud" Selig.  Plus, Selig may be the longest serving Hall of Fame director of all time; Selig has been on the board since 1976 and currently.  Most of the other directors are former Major Baseball League (MBL) executives or players who have already been voted into the Hall as players.

Yesterday Rose responded with a press conference at his Pete Rose Bar and Grill in, of all places, Las Vegas, NV.  You know, Las Vegas, the betting capital of the USA, where Rose also works for a casino company where Rose signs things for even more money.

Rose has admitted this week that he continues to bet, including on baseball.  Rose made a point of his not betting online at sites like Draftkings, which has a business relationship with Manfred and the league.  If Rose does not bet online, he must place his bets in person. Where and how?  How come no one asked Rose about that?  Is Rose losing money?

How come no one ever asks Rose whether he has a gambling addiction?  And since Rose obviously does have a gambling addiction, how come no one advises Rose to get counselling and join a group like Gamblers Anonymous?  For the dwindling numbers of Pete Rose supporters: how come you never try to actually help the guy, instead of just treating Rose as a fellow every man loser who made good as a ball player but failed at every other aspect of his life?

Even MLB Network people like Brian Kenny, who should know better, have been praising Rose as one of the greatest players of all time.  Really?  You mean like Hank Aaron?  Or the current home run king Barry Bonds?

From baseball-reference.com

Rose made 1,102 more outs than Aaron; 12% more.

Rose had 67 more hits than Cobb; 1.6% more.

172. Rose .3029


75. Rose 135

Home Runs
449. Rose 160

Bases on Balls
103. Rose 1,314

Total Bases
416. Rose 118

Hall of Fame criteria includes character, integrity and sportsmanship.

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