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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cashman wants to tank and sell off his mistakes.

Brian Cashman wants to tear down and rebuild, the Yankees brass doesn’t
By Craig Calcaterra Jul 14, 2016, 2:59 PM EDT nbcsports.com

Do these clowns give this stuff any thought?

Yanks are four down in the loss column. No team should quit in that spot after 88 games. Suppose Yanks sweep Boston?

Plus, it's Cashman's fault they're in this mess. He won't last the year.

None of the assets that Cashman wants to dump are worth much:

Carlos Beltran: old, probably limited to AL as DH

Mark Teixeira: not hitting

Brian McCann: 32 year old catcher, owed $5.3 million more for final two months this season, plus $17 million each of next two seasons. Who wants a CATCHER who is likely to break down?

Ivan Nova: two month rental

Nathan Eovaldi: inconsistent; Dodgers and Marlins already gave up on him

Jacoby Ellsbury: Is this a joke?
201430New York Yankees$21,142,8576.037contracts
201531New York Yankees$21,142,8577.037contracts
201632New York Yankees$21,142,8578.037
201733New York Yankees$21,142,857
201834New York Yankees$21,142,857
201935New York Yankees$21,142,857
202036New York Yankees$21,142,857
202137New York Yankees*$21,000,000$21M Team Option, $5M Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2021
Nice work, Cashman. NOBODY is taking Ellsbury.

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