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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hundreds of time outs per game, most implicit, are killing baseball. And coaches in uniform. KILLING it.

And most fans are no better than the commissioner on this. They lack imagination and nerve.

Commissioner should order umpires to not call time out. And ban the manager and coaches from the field. Friday, February 24, 2017

Time Out is called by the umpires, NOT players, coaches, managers. Enforcing that would speed up pace of play. Friday, March 3, 2017

Would umpires obey a commissioner's order to not call time outs? Saturday, March 4, 2017

Come on, come on. I'm handing you the solution on a silver platter. Take it. Instead, all I hear is junk like legislating the number mound visits. Mound visits are dumb and unnecessary. Just get rid of them.

And get the managers and coaches the heck out of uniform. What's that about? None has also played in more than a quarter of a century and hardly any in at least a half a century. There are not likely to be many, if any, player coaches. Many managers and coaches look ridiculous waddling out onto the field in their baseball costumes.

Only those in uniform are allowed onto the field. Switching them to MLB approved apparel would keep them off the field AND sell merchandise. Hey, that makes money!

Suits: worn by Derek Fisher and Jason Kidd, recent NBA players, to coach. Saturday, February 7, 2015

Both are young enough to still look reasonably presentable in an NBA uniform.  Both could probably perform as a player/coach.  However, both retired and immediately became head coaches in the National Basketball Association (NBA)...  There are some former big name NBA players who are assistant coaches, including Patrick Ewing and Bob McAdoo.  They wear a suit and tie when coaching during games.  In practices they wear informal clothes, which I think is how they should dress during games, too, but that's another matter.

In the Major Baseball League (MBL), the head coach, still known as the manager even though he no longer manages the team in any real sense, and all the assistant coaches dress in the same type of uniform as their active players.  Many, maybe most, look ridiculous.  The owners and general mangers might as well suit up, too. I think that Burt Shotton and Connie Mack were most recent managers to dress in suits while managing a baseball team and that was around 1950...

... in recent decades the only player/managers have been Frank RobinsonJoe Torre and Pete Rose.  Rose played his last game August 17, 1986 (Age 45 and 125 days) and managed the Cincinnati Reds all or parts of the 1984-1989 seasons.

Team members not in uniform are not allowed on the baseball field during a game.  That's another advantage to getting the manager and coaches out of uniform: they may not interrupt games with all those ridiculous meetings and arguments.

I'd like to see baseball coaches in informal non-uniform attire but I'd settle for suits.

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