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Friday, June 30, 2017

Deaden the damn ball before Aaron Judge kills a pitcher with a line drive.

Aaron Judge is hitting Titlist baseballs like he's using a one iron. Some are going low and up the middle. Judge is going to kill a pitcher. Pitchers are not players but defenseless, though obnoxious, beings.

When Judge is in the batter's box, the pitcher should be put on the endangered species list. Eliminating pitchers is a good thing but not this way.

The ball is juiced. It's obvious. See several recent posts on this. "Judge" for yourself. The people running the major league have got to make the ball less bouncy and not just back to the way it was three years ago. Make it noticeably less bouncy. This will also protect infielders, who have juiced balls smashed at them.

Deaden the ball. That's the most direct way to make the game safer.

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