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Friday, April 22, 2016

Steinbrenner Kids failed and should sell the Yankees.

Friday, April 22, 2016
Yankees downward spiral spells the end of the dynasty.

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Madoff and Mets

MLB may be so desperate to fix the Mets that it may permit (Mark) Cuban, Steinbrenner with brains, to buy the Mets. That would be the Yankees worst nightmare: Cuban v. the Steinbrenner kids. Oh, the humanity!


Thursday, October 18, 2012
Yankees humiliate A-Rod. Now what?
Why denigrate your product? Alex Rodriguez is not an employee, he's the product. Ticket takers are employees, not ball players.
Without getting too much into the soap opera aspect this reeks of GM Brian Cashman telling Yankee President Randy Levine and the male Steinbrenner kids: I told you so (concerning A-Rod's big contract).

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
YES Network sale: will Yankees lose incentive to win and will it be part of baseball's decline?

News Corp. is buying 49% of the YES (Yankees Entertainment Sports) network with the Yankees agreeing to be paid for 30 years for the rights to televise the Yankee games.

That provides a steady revenue to the Yankees. Will it cause the Yankees to lose their incentive to win?


Monday, August 12, 2013
Yankee captain Robinson Cano: I don't think so.

The Steinbrenner kids may well be nuts enough to succumb to media and even some fan pressure to offer Cano a huge bloated contract. We can only hope that they do not compound that mistake by also naming Cano Yankee captain. And since he clearly does not deserve to be Yankee captain should they give him the huge contract?

I don't think so.

Friday, September 20, 2013
Yankees need to clean house.

A fish rots from the head so the cleaning needs to start with the Steinbrenner Kids, actually four people who are advanced adults: Hank, Hal, Jenifer, Jessica. The late George Steinbrenner left his Yankees to those four people, none of whom has the interest nor the ability to run the team. George's overbearing personality may have stifled them but we Yankee fans don't need to get into that.

I never thought that George was a bright guy, just one who was nuts enough to behave irrationally enough to distinguish him from his fellow team owners...

1. Randy Levine, president... Levine may have had some political use 15 years ago when the Yankees were trying to decide on a new ball park but not since then. And how did the park work out? One billion dollars for the same location and without the retractable roof that Selig should have required of all those new parks built during his administration. Ticket prices so high that there are usually lots of empty seats behind home plate, which makes the park look barren on TV.

2. Brian Cashman, general manager. Cashman worked his way up from an intern... Unfortunately, Cashman is now too full of himself and too much at odds with Levine to evolve into a new type of executive. His thinking is stale and the Yankee farm system was unable to supply good players during this season of need.

3. Joe Girardi, field manager. Joe won one tournament ...

4. Derek Jeter, shortstop... No reasonable baseball person would rely on him to play shortstop next season and Jeter does not hit with enough power to be a designated hitter (DH). Hopefully, Jeter recognizes this and exits gracefully.

Monday, September 23, 2013
Mark Cuban, buy the Yankees from the Steinbrenner Kids.

Cuban needs to get Selig removed from power and wrest control of the New York Yankees from the four children of late Yankee owner George Steinbrenner whose Kids have turned Yankee Stadium into Ebbets Field...

It's time for the Steinbrenner Kids to go ... the kind of weakness and fuzzy thinking that their father despised.


Thursday, November 7, 2013
Team Salary Cap 2003-2013.

The New York Yankees were over the cap in every season and had the highest percent over every season except 2013 when the Dodgers did. No wonder the Steinbrenner Kids want to get under the cap in 2014.


Friday, November 8, 2013
Team Salary Cap 2003-2013, Part 2.

Money can't buy you love. Just ask the Beatles or the Yankees. The Yankees can't get no satisfaction.

... the Yankees seem to be paying much more but not getting their money's worth. A subsequent post will examine dollars spent per ticket sold and per win.


Monday, November 11, 2013
Yankees spend too foolishly, not too little.

This is the last in a series of posts on team salary or payroll for players for seasons 2003 through 2013.

There is one inescapable conclusion: the New York Yankees spend too foolishly, not too little.

It's currently conventional wisdom that the Yankees are being cheap by trying to get under the soft salary cap in 2014. That cap is $189 million. If the Yankees get down to $180 million, they would be at 95% of the cap and most likely have the highest payroll in the American Conference. Only the Dodgers would likely exceed the Yankees. Boston spent $177 million in 2013, the Yankees $246 million.

The soft cap was introduced in 2003 to reign in the Yankees who have paid 92% of all the luxury tax money to the Major Baseball League (MBL), some of which is distributed to teams in the small market (minor league) cities. Those are the cheap teams...

Too many Yankee fans simply assume that the Yankees have the functional equivalent of unlimited amounts of money...

... whatever edge the YES network might have provided the Yankees a decade ago has been diminished if not eliminated by now...

The Yankee problem starts with ownership, the Steinbrenner family, first the late George and then his four kids, really the two sons, first Hank, then Hal. The old George Steinbrenner technique was to bludgeon the player payroll into a championship team...

The Yankees cannot solve their current problems by spending foolishly. They need to get smarter, a lot smarter. The money spent and committed over the next few years is not the fault of the players receiving the money. Players are the game, not owners and sure as heck not fans...

It makes sense to me for the Yankees to get their team payroll under the $189 million cap in 2014 to reset the luxury tax percentage down to 17% from 50%. Then if the Yankees want or need to incur that penalty in future seasons, the burden will be much less and the Yankees will actually be able to spend more than they would if they do not get under the 2014 cap...

Yankees, get smart. Get under the damn cap. Let the Dodgers be the new dumb team.


Sunday, December 1, 2013
M & M Boys, revolving door rosters, copy cat management and rooting for the laundry.

Despite what the Steinbrenner Kids may think we're not rooting for the laundry. And not for a cameo appearance. I don't want to see just anybody in a Yankee uniform, which is one reason I oppose the pending acquisition of Brian McCann.


Sunday, December 8, 2013
Musical chairs Yankee style.

Hal, the Steinbrenner Kid who is running the Yankees these days, supposedly indicated that getting under the not very soft salary cap is a goal not a requirement, that he would be OK with exceeding the cap if needed.

Say what?

After all the junk that has occurred Yankee fans should be very upset if the Yanks panic and exceed the cap for 2014. What a wimp. Geez, set a policy and stick to it.


Friday, January 24, 2014
Yanks should have filled holes, not grabbed best available.

This off season the New York Yankees, owned by the Steinbrenner Kids, had many holes to fill ...

The Yankee owners acted like the kids they are. They grabbed the first shinny object dangled in front of them. They signed the best available free agents even though those were not compelling players...

The money the Yankees will spend on Ellsbury ($23 million) and McCann ($17 million) could have been put to much better use ...

Had the Yankees not signed Ellsbury and McCann, they might have remained under the $189 million team soft cap ...

Getting under the team salary cap for the first time would have greatly enhanced the chances that the Yankees could rebuild starting in just one more year.


Friday, July 11, 2014
Sayonara, Yankees.

The Yankees started the season with no regular younger than 30. Patching that is as silly as assembling the group in the first place.

Yankee management lacks both the intelligence and imagination to compete in the current environment ...

The Yankees are dumb and unimaginative....

And the Yankees stubbornly insist on trying to qualify for the tournament every season, thinking their fans are as dumb as they are ...

Fans can tell the difference between this bunch and Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Dumb and lazy Steinbrenner Kids never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity: Tampa GM goes to Dodgers.

A few days ago the Steinbrenner Kids, who own the New York Yankees, signed their 16 year incumbent general manager (GM) Brian Cashman to a new three year contract. Did they know that the Tampa Rays GM was available, that Andrew Friedman was talking to the Los Angeles Dodgers? ...

The Yankees are in a downward spiral. Blunt force spending cannot save them as it once could. The dynamics have changed...

The Steinbrenner Kids exhibit an astonishing lack of imagination. They're dumb and lazy, a deadly combination.


Monday, November 24, 2014
Yankees are just another team. Is that good?

... the Yankees no longer ... the big team during the free agent signing season. The Yankees are not relevant...

real v. Pythagorean won-loss estimation
2012 95-67 95-67
2013 85-77 79-83
2014 84-78 77-85

In other words, the last two seasons the New York Yankees were probably sub .500 teams that somehow overachieved and deluded fans and, more importantly, management into thinking that the organization was solid and merely needed some tinkering.

Between the 2013 and 2014 seasons that tinkering led to bad decisions to abandon the team goal of finally getting under the soft salary cap and not paying a luxury "tax". That may have provided $100 million that could now be spent ...

Bad ownership, bad management, blah, blah, blah. The point is that the Yankees are ordinary. The organization has no base on which to build. The 25 player roster is old and mediocre. The 40 player roster lacks impact players...

For about twenty years the Yankees had an unmatched advantage in TV revenue, which the team smartly expanded by creating one of the early regional sports networks, the Yankees Entertainment & Sports (YES) network, which the Steinbrenner Kids sold after the death of patriarch George. George Steinbrenner was not very bright or mentally stable but his impulsiveness provided resources and energy that drove the Yankees to championships. Not an admirable model but there it is. Now many teams have their own regional sports network generating additional money...

... the Yankees thing, being champion. No cutesy stuff. No nice guy stuff. Just being champion. And doing it by hitting home runs. The Yankees were the team people loved to hate...

So, is the baseball galaxy better off with the Yankees reduced to being just another team?


Thursday, December 11, 2014
If the Yankees don't sign Max Scherzer, the Steinbrenner Kids should sell the team.

Max Scherzer is pretty much all that's left for the Yankees to add any meaningful player for next season.


Sunday, December 21, 2014
Whom would GEORGE Steinbrenner have acquired?

The late Yankee owner George Steinbrenner would have probably made the same mistakes that his kids made a year ago: Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran. George was not a bright guy but his impulsiveness resulted in his spending a lot of money on players, many of whom played very well for the Yankees and also had star quality: Reggie Jackson and Alex Rodriguez were the leading examples...

There's no such thing as bad publicity, whether you're running a circus or the New York Yankees. If George were still here, he'd tell you.


Monday, January 19, 2015
Mr. Scherzer Goes to Washington. Steinbrenner KIds must sell the Yankees.

Max Scherzer has agreed to a seven year $210 million deal with the Washington Nationals, which might be spread out over 14 years...

That's it. If the Steinbrenner Kids think that Yankee fans will sit around and accept dumb and lazy management over a boring team as Met fans have, they're nuts. Pretty much every major move and non-move in this and the previous off seasons have been ass backwards. The one final significant free agent player available playing a position needed by the Yankees was Max Scherzer. Can the Yankees win with Scherzer? Doubtful. But the Yankees cannot contend without Scherzer. Plus, Scherzer would have given the Yankees what he will give the Washington Nationals: a veteran anchor to their starting rotation for several years to come.

Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees! Please!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Steinbrenner Kids: add tacky to dumb and lazy: trying to void A-Rod's bonus.

Why? And why now? ...

... so what are the Steinbrenner Kids doing to A-Rod and why? ...

Motive: petty vindictiveness and self loathing that they gave A-Rod a new contract that they now regret. If Randy Levine was responsible for that decision, then just fire Randy Levine. If it was Cashman, fire him. If it was Hank Steinbrenner who was running the Yankees then, it's more difficult. So the next best thing is to take it out on A-Rod, even at the expense of the team overall.

Dumb. Tacky. Sell the team and give Yankee fans a break. Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees.

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Paying for dirt on players: Steinbrenner, Selig, Manfred. Steinbrenner Kids?

A previous incident of a star Yankee player being investigated and ridiculed by Yankee ownership involved George Steinbrenner and Hall of Famer Dave Winfield...

So have we come full circle? Are the Steinbrenner Kids digging up dirt as we speak to discredit Alex Rodriguez to accomplish some of the following:
- get Rodriguez to retire
- get Rodriguez to accept a trade
- not pay Rodriguez the bonus money he may earn ...

The Steinbrenner Kids made a series of bad decisions that let the team slide into a very uncompetitive position and much of that was to promote Jeter over what was good for the team and its fans. They may be compounding those mistakes with their counterproductive treatment of Alex Rodriguez. Even their father knew there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Monday, February 16, 2015
Steinbrenner Kids to immortalize Andy Pettitte. I'd rather they just sell the team.

The Steinbrenner Kids are running the Yankees into the ground and trying to hide their ineptitude with increasingly silly ceremonies that ironically only serve to emphasize how incompetent the Steinbrenner Kids are...

Sell the team! Just sell the damn team before none of us can stand it any longer. You Steinbrenner Kids have no idea what you're doing. At some point you'll run out of Core Four. Don't you realize that? Then what's your plan? Magic tricks?


Monday, February 23, 2015
Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees.

Fail, fail, fail. Enough.

Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees.

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Hal Steinbrenner turns down $6 billion for the Yankees.

Not really...

... interviewed on ESPN radio by Michael Kay and Don La Greca ...

La Greca ... supposing that he had just inherited $6 billion and offered all of it to Hal for the Yankees. Hal ... declined.

Innocent enough except that the overall impression was one of Hal establishing a new standard for a twit. Kay reminded Hal that his late father George had bought the Yankees in 1973 for $10 million. One can only assume that George would be turning over in his grave at the thought of one of his children being so foolish...

Just sell the damn team and stop retiring uniform numbers.


Thursday, October 8, 2015
Yankee owners: A Fish Rots From The Head Down. Steinbrenner Kids must fire GM Brian Cashman or sell to someone who will.

The Steinbrenner Kids have got to go. That's the only way that Yankee fans can be rid of the toxic Brian Cashman, general manager too long...

Cashman is content to continue to sit in the mess (euphemism) of his own making (pun). The Yankees are stuck with too few good prospects in their farm system, too many old players on the active roster with too much money on contracts with too many years. Cashman is responsible for all of that...

Cashman seems secure in his job. That's because the Steinbrenner Kids are clueless. The fish is rotting from the head down and nothing is being done. It stinks.


Friday, October 9, 2015
Brian Cashman should be fired immediately.

Get somebody in time to fully engage in the off season activities.


Monday, October 12, 2015
Steinbrenner Kids, fire Cashman!

Come on, come on. Just do it...

Old players just get older and produce less, partly because they play less whether due to injury or rest to prevent injury.


Monday, November 16, 2015
Hal Steinbrenner, grow a pair and sign David Price yourself.

Yankee general manager Brian Cashman put the Yankees in this hole and he cannot be trusted to dig them out...

But what will the increasingly erratic Cashman do? His pattern since his ill fated signings two years ago has been to "cleverly" wait until it's too late, then do nothing...

Hal Steinbrenner needs to grow a pair of balls.

Then for good measure, fire Cashman's ass.


Friday, December 4, 2015
Hal Steinbrenner, what will you do with the $217 million you are NOT paying David Price?

Alternate title: What's more likely to have George Steinbrenner turning over in his grave: paying David Price $217 million or letting the Red Sox do it? I regard this as a rhetorical question...

So where will all that money go if not to a player the Yankees obviously need? Will Hal donate it to the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay?

Does Hal ride polo ponies?

Friday, December 11, 2015
Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Dumb and Dumber. Bumber.

If anyone thinks that they know where the heck the Yankees are headed, please notify air traffic control immediately before there is a crash landing.

What the heck is going on? ...

Are they content to be just another team?


Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Steinbrenner Kids erratic decision making noticed other than here.

What do the Steinbrenner Kids have against Rob Refsnyder? ...

 The Steinbrenner Kids have passed on David Price as they passed on Max Scherzer a year ago.  They're also passing on Chris DavisYoenis CespedesJustin Upton.  The Yanks will be over the cap in 2016 anyway so why not get some good players a year early.  Free agents between the 2016 and 2017 seasons may not be nearly as good.

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